Weight Loss

Which is worse: a high carb diet or snacking for weight loss?

It's actually snacking. And I'm going to tell you why I think snacking is worse than a high carb. Both of them increase insulin. But personally, when I gave up the snacking which are like apples and peanut butter. And I had two apples with peanut butter one mid-morning, mid-afternoon. I dropped from 211 to 180 pounds. What's interesting about that is a study that was done on children and found as the most isolated, validated factor of obesity. It was the snacking more than any other factor. When we grew up we were all bone-skinny because we ran all day. We didn't eat that much. In 1977, gradually through the 80s and 90s there's been a push to get every man, woman, and child on snacks and snacks and snacking and eat between the meals. But before that, it was a three solid meals maybe one snack, but it was more the three meals. And I will say, even during that time I lived on pure junk food and sugar but it was the three meals of junk food and sugar. The snacking is definitely is something that is a very bad thing for people. Unfortunately, they're stuck in it.

And it's so available, isn't it? And people say the snack to prevent overeating? They don't realize that if you're eating that many frequent meals, what you're doing is you're constantly stimulating insulin. It's kind of like if you were to exercise six or eight times in a day so you're going to exercise that frequent, right? Is that going to be better than maybe two times a day or once a day? No, you want that recovery. The pancreas needs a chance to recover and the frequency of eating is just deadly for you.

I will say you can relieve yourself of the burden of choice if you do intermittent fasting. It's so wonderful. That's the easier route to set yourself up for keto because you just you just don't have to think about food for 20 hours a day. Seems impossible to suggest such a thing because I used to think about it constantly but it really works. You lose your hunger and it's a miracle.

Last updated: Apr 10, 2024 14:01 PM