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Which lifestyle factors affect glutathione levels?

Lifestyle Factors Influencing Glutathione Levels

In addition to diet, several lifestyle factors can impact glutathione levels for better or worse. Some of the most important include:

  • Sleep: Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night to support glutathione production and recycling.

  • Exercise: Regular physical activity can help boost glutathione levels, but be careful not to overdo it, as excessive exercise can deplete glutathione.

  • Stress management: Chronic stress is a major driver of oxidative stress and can quickly deplete glutathione levels. Incorporate stress-reducing practices like meditation, deep breathing, and spending time in nature.

  • Avoiding toxins: Minimize your exposure to environmental toxins like air pollution, pesticides, and heavy metals, which can all deplete glutathione.

Last updated: Apr 29, 2024 15:40 PM