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Which one is better: kombucha or Apple cider vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar is made through the process of fermenting the apple juice. Kombucha Tea is also a fermented product made from sugar and black tea.

Apple Cider Vinegar

• Acetic Acid – The main acid in apple cider vinegar. Acetic Acid Bacteria Ferment and eat glucose and ethanol (Alcohol). The benefit of this acid is mainly for the blood sugars, helps with insulin resistance, helps insulin become more sensitive, is good for digestion, and good for fatty liver because it strips of fat, and has 0 sugar. Take it with meals one teaspoon with lemon juice

Kombucha Tea

• Lactic Acid and Gluconic Acid – These acids are good for lowering the digestive tracts.

• Probiotics – It helps build up the friendly bacteria in the gut.

• It has 2-6 grams of sugar

• It is good for improving digestion

• Good for the intestines

• It has a lot of antioxidants

• Recommended for people as a substitute for alcohol.

Last updated: Jul 12, 2023 14:01 PM