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Which part of the body contains the most CoQ10?

The heart. The heart is a muscle, and it has to work really hard. So it demands a tremendous amount of energy. And so CoQ10 is actually a fascinating thing that our body actually can make, and it's involved as a helper molecule in the creation of energy and the little energy factories called mitochondria. So it helps make ATP and preserve that ATP in the muscle of the heart. This is why when people take the statin drugs that block cholesterol, it also completely blocks the coenzyme Q10, and then they have the toxicity of the muscles. So they get weak muscle, inflamed muscle.

Coenzyme Q10 gives you energy, fuel, and it also protects against the waste of the creation of fuel. If you're going to, you have a lot of byproducts when you create energy, right? Like you have exhaust in your car, well, the mitochondria have kind of their own exhaust as oxidation or free radical damage. That's where coenzyme Q10 comes in.

And as you age, unfortunately, you decrease this coenzyme Q10, and then all these heart issues happen. But now the question is, how do we increase coenzyme Q10? What food has the most coenzyme Q10? It's actually heart muscle. And if you don't want to go that route, you can also do anything with chlorophyll. So that would be leafy greens. That can actually help build up your coenzyme Q10. So a plant gets the energy from the sun. We can't get it from the sun. We have to get it from other things indirectly. Could keep your levels higher, and I'm not talking about buying a supplement, just get it from food, you can maintain a higher level of energy, especially when you work out, especially when you climb hills, the heart muscle needs that energy. And then that's going to help you with blood pressure as well. A lot of people all just take the vitamin, but they don't they don't fix the diet because there's other things that are going to inhibit that as well.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2024 14:16 PM