Natural Remedies

Which prebiotics or probiotics would help fix lactose intolerance caused by antibiotic?

I think it's going to take time to build up that microbiome and you want to do a diversity of different fibers, different plants that can help you. But intermittent fasting also increases the diversity of microbes in your gut, which is pretty wild. So if you feed them too much, they get lazy and they don't grow as well. But if you feed them infrequently, so yeah, having a wide variety of leafy green vegetables and different types of plants, not grains or things like that, but that would help.

But I do understand you're missing a certain microbe that helps you digest milk sugar. And so now how do you get it back? Hopefully this might help you, but I would definitely also consume foods that are fermented like the sauerkraut, the kimchi. I would add that to the top of the list and maybe some occasional kefir would help as well.

Last updated: Mar 05, 2024 15:08 PM