Intermittent Fasting

Which supplements or beverages should I consume while fasting?

I like the idea of doing the apple cider vinegar, because it gives you energy, and it helps increase the insulin sensitivity, so you can actually overcome this resistance a lot faster. Don't drink it straight, mix it with water, a tablespoon and some water. I like to put some lemon juice in there, because that has citrate, which could potentially help block the formation of any kidney stones if you're vulnerable to those.

The other key thing with the fasting is make sure you have enough sea salt because if you don't, especially if you're doing like one meal a day, and you're going to feel a little weak, especially your muscles, and also you might have sleeping problems. Sea salt is important. I like a good electrolyte powder with good amounts of potassium and B vitamins, because you're doing more of a low carb, a higher fat diet, and the requirement for B vitamins goes up. It's also interesting that those B vitamins also go up when you do a high carb diet. B vitamins are important as the helper things in allowing you to generate energy.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 14:58 PM