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Why do I get palpitations after eating?

A palpitation is an irregular heartbeat—a skipped heartbeat or an extra heartbeat. It has to do with your cardiac pacemaker. Palpitations can be a precursor to more serious problems that have to do with the rhythm of the heartbeat. 

What causes palpitations?

1. Digestion (gallbladder issues) 

2. Low potassium 

3. pH (too alkaline)

4. Caffeine, alcohol, a hyperthyroid condition 

How to help stop heart palpitations:

1. For digestive problems 

• Do intermittent fasting 

• Avoid refined carbs and vegetable oils (do healthy keto)

2. For alkalinity

Low potassium, high cortisol, or low HCL can cause your body to be too alkaline.

• Do healthy keto

• Take apple cider vinegar 

3. For low potassium 

What causes low potassium?

• Diuretics (low potassium, low vitamin D, high insulin)

• Diarrhea

• Antacids (take apple cider vinegar)

• Low dietary potassium (consume 7-10 cups of vegetables per day)

Last updated: Oct 16, 2023 14:14 PM