Keto Food Questions

Why do I get sleepy after eating protein?

With protein only a percentage of it gets absorbed and the rest is used for fuel (sugar) or waste. Protein can be converted to sugar through a process called gluconeogenesis.

Here are a few protein absorption rates:

  • Breast milk 49%

  • Egg 48%

  • Meat/fish 32%

  • Wheat/soy 18%

  • Dairy 16%

  • BCAA less than 1%

When you consume excessive protein, very lean protein, or protein together with refined carbohydrates, your body will turn it into sugar. That will spike insulin and it will result in tiredness.

Dr. Berg recommends that you stick to 3 to 6 oz of fatty protein per meal, because anything more will turn into waste. Now if you’re a big guy, very active, or young, then maybe you will need a little more. Try out this recommendation and see how you feel.

Last updated: Jun 05, 2023 19:15 PM