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Why do I have a metallic taste in mouth?

A metallic taste in your mouth can create a concern if you don’t know the real causes and how to remedy them. Let’s look at what can be done with this condition.

Cause #1: Zinc deficiency

Zinc is a very important mineral for your body. Its deficiency is one of the biggest reasons for a metallic taste. If you are severely zinc-deficient, you could actually lose all of your taste and smell. If you have had chemotherapy, or certain medications, or you are pregnant, these can cause you to be deficient in zinc.


  • Zinc-rich foods

    • red meat

    • organ meats

    • shellfish

    • dairy products

  • Take zinc supplements (natural)

  • Avoid zinc-blocker foods

• beans • seeds • nuts
• grains • sugar • carbs

Cause #2: Synthetic vitamins and minerals

If you buy synthetic vitamins or minerals from a drug food store, they can result in a metal taste in your mouth. The reason for that is these nutrients are not made from real foods, but are produced in the lab--not naturally.


  • Avoid buying synthetic vitamins and other supplements

  • Get natural vitamins and supplements or get needed nutrients from your diet

Cause #3: Foods with heavy metals

There are certain foods that contain heavy metals. Consuming them is not recommended, as they may have various side effects on your body. You can also feel a metallic taste in your mouth as a result of eating them. Certain cookware as well as tap water can also contain these metals and give you the metallic taste in your mouth.


  • Avoid the following foods:

• shark

• swordfish 

• marlin

• title fish 

• tuna

  • If you like consuming tuna, I recommend light tuna, skipjack

  • Avoid using aluminium pans

  • Avoid cooking in iron skillets

  • Avoid drinking tap water (get a water filter)

Cause #4: Non-organic foods

If you consume non-organic foods like those containing GMOs, they can cause a metallic taste in your mouth because these foods are loaded with various chemicals. Avoiding these and consuming organic foods will resolve this condition.


  • Avoid GMO foods

  • Avoid non-organic foods

  • Consume organic foods

Other causes:

  • Medication

  • Chemotherapy

  • Pregnancy

Last updated: Jun 21, 2023 14:09 PM