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Why do I have an increased passing of gas?

Increased passing of gas can go together with bloating, digestive issues many other discomforts in daily life. Let’s look at the common causes and remedies for it.

Cause #1: SIBO / Excess fermentation in the intestines

SIBO stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. It’s a condition where a good portion of your friendly bacteria is in the wrong place--it’s in the small intestine instead of mostly in the large intestine where it should be. If you have SIBO you may have a lot of bloating, abdominal pain, passing of gas etc. This is because food starts to ferment in the wrong place which releases different types of gases in the colon.

You can get a hydrogen/methane breath test kit. The test is inexpensive but you may need a prescription to buy one. The test will confirm whether or not you have SIBO.

Last updated: Jul 05, 2024 15:19 PM