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Why do I have an irregular heartbeat?

An irregular heartbeat can take many forms: slow heart rates, fast heart rates or skipped heartbeats. These are often known as arrhythmias (if they are persistent) or palpitations (if they are not chronic but happen from time to time).

Cause #1: Gallbladder issues

Gallstones, bile sludge, and bile duct blockages can cause heart palpitations. Based on an interesting study it was revealed that because of overload and inflammation in the gallbladder, certain signals through your body alter your healthy heart function. One of the best ways to fix this is to reduce the load of the gallbladder by doing intermittent fasting. It will reduce the load on your digestive system.

If you feel the following symptoms along with your irregular heartbeat:

  • Bloating

  • Right rib cage pain

  • Floating stool

  • Light-colored stool

  • Nausea

  • Belching

  • Constipation

  • Pain in the middle / top-right parts of the body

Then do the following:

  • Avoid snacking

  • Do an intermittent fasting plan

  • Limit fat consumption

Cause #2: Low electrolytes

Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals that allow the muscles to contract and relax and the nerves to transmit communications throughout the nervous system. The heart is made up of muscle tissue, so if your electrolytes are low you can develop palpitations.


  • Eat more vegetables (7 to 10 cups daily)

  • Take electrolyte powder

  • Consume potassium-rich foods

  • Consume magnesium-rich foods

  • Consume calcium-rich foods

  • Consume more sodium (Himalayan salt / sea salt)

Cause #3: Alkalosis

The pH of your blood is important for healthy heart function. If your pH is too high (alkaline), then you can develop a heart arrhythmia. Improving your pH will also increase the absorption of electrolytes in your body, which should normalize your heartbeat. The good thing is that it can be fixed very easily.


  • Consume apple cider vinegar (1 to 2 teaspoons stirred into about a cup of water)

  • Consume betaine hydrochloride

  • Avoid high-alkaline foods

Cause #4: Insulin resistance

One of the insulin functions is to allow your cells to absorb electrolytes. When you are on a high-carb diet you can develop insulin resistance. This happens because high carbs increase the production of insulin in order to lower the blood sugar. When this occurs too often, your cells will not tolerate high insulin amounts anymore, and therefore become resistant to it. As a result, your cells absorb lesser amounts of electrolytes. The result can be irregular heartbeat.


  • Do the Healthy Keto® diet

  • Do an intermittent fasting plan

Other causes:

  • Too much caffeine

  • Vitamin B1 deficiency (take nutritional yeast)

  • Taking drugs that speed up the heartbeat

  • Smoking

  • Diabetes

  • Calcium imbalance (too much or too little)

  • Gastric bypass

  • Malabsorption

  • History of consuming antibiotics

  • Damage in the colon

  • High stress

Additional remedies for irregular heartbeat:

  • Barberine

  • Quinine

  • Forskolin

Last updated: Sep 10, 2023 15:27 PM