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Why do I have chronic pain?

Chronic pain can have many different causes. It can create a lot of discomfort and demand attention that interferes in our daily lives. Let’s take a look at common causes and remedies.

Cause #1: Old injury or old surgery

This is one of the most common reasons for chronic pain. After a surgery or an injury your body heals itself, creating scar tissue that is not normal tissue; it is less functional and has less blood flow. The solution would be to do acupressure on the side opposite the scar tissue. This means you are going to massage and press the place that is directly opposite to your pain epicenter (the point where pain is concentrated).

There’s further help for areas of injury or surgery: intermittent fasting as well as periodic prolonged fasting are the best anti-inflammatory remedies in addition to their many other amazing health benefits.


  • Do an acupressure technique, following these steps:

    • watch this video first

    • rate the pain from 1 to 10

    • find the exact opposite spot from your pain epicenter (the point where pain is concentrated); for example If you have a pain in the ankle of the right foot, massage the same spot on the left foot

    • massage and press on the spot

    • gradually increase the pressure but not too much

    • do it for 1 to 2 minutes

    • re-rate the pain from 1 to 10

    • check to see where the pain is now (has it moved a little bit or not?)

    • do the same procedure on the side opposite the pain spot, whether it has moved or not

    • if the pain is in the extremities (calves, legs etc.) you can also massage above the epicenter of pain, on the opposite side of the body, to give relief to the muscular connections

  • Do intermittent fasting

  • Do periodic prolonged fasting

  • Consume stinging nettle root

  • Consume vitamin D (40,000 IU / day)

Note: for a whiplash injury, there is a more complex technique you should try. Watch this video

for the technique.

Cause #2: Autoimmune condition

Autoimmune condition means your own immune system is attacking your body’s healthy cells. This would cause inflammation and pain in some parts of the body. This usually stems from some kind confusion in the immune system. Supporting the immune system and lowering the inflammation should help.


  • Consume vitamin D

  • Do intermittent fasting

  • Do periodic prolonged fasting

Cause #3: Frequent eating and consuming too many refined carbs

If you are consuming too many carbs and eat frequently, this can cause damage to the capillaries that are supposed to feed your nerves. The result can be chronic pain in certain areas of your body as the nerves now are not being replenished and repaired.

Consuming too many carbs and frequent eating will also spike insulin (the
hormone that lowers your blood sugars). Insulin is an inflammatory hormone; it can create inflammation and pain in different areas of the body.


  • Avoid refined carbs and sugar

  • Avoid snacking

  • Do intermittent fasting

  • Do periodic prolonged fasting

  • Do the Healthy Keto® diet

  • Consume benfotiamine (fat-soluble vitamin B1)

Cause #4: Referred pain

If you try to remedy a certain area of your body by acupressure or adjustments and it doesn’t resolve, chances are it is a referred pain. Referred pain means that the pain you feel in one part of the body is created by some issue in another part of the body.

For example, if you have pain in the mid-upper right side of the body, it can stem from liver or gallbladder problems. These organs are connected to a specific nerve that travels upward through the right side of the body, and if the organs have problems, the pain can be felt along that nerve, in your right back, shoulder, neck or other locations


  • If you have pain in some part of the body and it doesn’t simply resolve by acupressure, adjustments and intermittent fasting, check the list below:

  • pancreas: may cause referred pain in the left shoulder or the back

  • spleen: may cause pain referred to the left shoulder

  • heart: may refer pain to the left arm, shoulder, or jaw

  • gallbladder/liver: may refer pain to the mid-right or top-right side of the body

  • ovary: may refer pain to the lower back

  • prostate: may refer pain to the lower back

  • kidney: may refer pain anywhere underneath the last rib to the spine; also low-back pain can be referred from the kidney and a kidney stone can cause pain in the groin area when there is no problem in the groin.

To ease a pain that may be referred: after checking the list above look at the subject in this Ebook about the organ that may be causing the referred pain.

Last updated: Jul 03, 2023 14:05 PM