Symptoms, conditions and causes

Why do I have chronic pain?

Chronic pain can stem from various causes, each requiring targeted remedies:

1. Old Injury or Surgery:

- Cause: Scar tissue from past surgeries or injuries.

- Remedies: Acupressure on opposite sides, intermittent fasting, periodic prolonged fasting, and stinging nettle root.

2. Autoimmune Condition:

- Cause: Immune system attacking healthy cells, leading to inflammation and pain.

- Remedies: Vitamin D supplementation, intermittent fasting, periodic prolonged fasting.

3. Frequent Eating and Refined Carbs:

- Cause: Damaged capillaries and insulin spikes from carb intake.

- Remedies: Avoid refined carbs and sugar, intermittent fasting, Healthy Keto® diet, and benfotiamine (fat-soluble vitamin B1).

4. Referred Pain:

- Cause: Pain felt in one part of the body due to issues in another part.

- Remedies: Address specific organ-related pain (e.g., pancreas, spleen, heart, gallbladder/liver, ovary, prostate, kidney) with targeted treatments like acupressure, adjustments, and appropriate dietary adjustments.

These strategies aim to alleviate chronic pain by addressing its root causes effectively and promoting overall wellness.

Last updated: Jul 02, 2024 16:06 PM