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Why do I have mouth sores?

Mouth Sores: Causes and Remedies


1. Canker Sores: Inside the mouth; caused by nutrient deficiencies.

2. Cold Sores: On or around the lips; caused by herpes simplex virus.

Canker Sores

- Cause: Deficiency in B12 and folate (B9).

- Remedies:

- Take nutritional yeast.

- Avoid refined grains (bread, pasta, crackers, etc.).

- For digestive issues:

- Apple cider vinegar (1-2 tsp in water) before meals.

- Betaine hydrochloride before meals.

- Purified bile salts.

- Healthy Keto® diet.

- Intermittent fasting.

Cold Sores

- Cause: Herpes simplex virus, often triggered by stress.

- Remedies:

- Take lysine.

- Use natural vitamin C complex.

- Consume vitamin C-rich foods.

- Take vitamin D3.

- Use natural antibiotics.

Last updated: Jul 03, 2024 14:57 PM