Symptoms, conditions and causes

Why do I have nail problems?

Typically, your urine should be a straw yellow color. If it is different it may have different causes under different colors of it.

Horizontal ridges / Too-white nails / Too-blue nails

This could happen from vitamin B1 deficiency. Additionally if your nails are too white, it could come from the same cause. Avoiding refined carbohydrates, consuming benfotiamine (fat- soluble vitamin B1) as well as nutritional yeast should help.

Brittle nails

Brittle nails can happen due to the deficiency of biotin (vitamin H) and folate. Consuming too much refined foods as well as egg whites only can cause its deficiency. Consuming probiotics and fermented foods should help. One good source of biotin is nutritional yeast. You can get folate as a supplement as well.

White little spots on the nail

If you see a white spec in the middle of the nail it means 3 months ago you had zinc deficiency that created it. The reason behind this timing is because your nails take 6 months to fully grow. Therefore, you can trace it this way. Too much sugar and refined carbs can cause zinc deficiency.

Additionally, if you have horizontal white lines this can come from low calcium or vitamin B3 deficiency.

Too-brown / too-gray nails or pink strips on top of the nails

This is a symptom of B12 deficiency. B12 mainly comes from animal products so if you are vegan it can potentially create B12 Deficiency. Consuming animal products / B12 supplements as well as increasing stomach acidity should help.

Vertical ridges on the nails

This is a symptom of thyroid problem as well as vitamin B12 and iron deficiency. Consuming Organic sea kelp should help with that in addition to nutritional yeast.

Clubbed nails
This could potentially come from liver or kidney problems.
Yellowish discoloration on your nail
This is a symptom of fungus on your nails. Consuming biotin should help with that.

Last updated: Jun 14, 2023 14:47 PM