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Why do I have red skin spots?

When you have poor blood clotting you may have red, pink or purple spots on your skin. Let’s look at the known remedies for this condition.

Cause #1: Lack of vitamin K1 and C

Vitamin K1 and C are very important for a healthy flow of blood through your body. Low levels of vitamin K1 can cause poor blood clotting. If you have low vitamin C, then you may have impaired capillary strength. As a result you can have red, pink or purple spots.


  • Take vitamin K1

  • Eat vitamin K1-rich foods:

    • kale

    • spinach

    • collard greens

    • dark leafy greens

  • Take a natural vitamin C complex (not ascorbic acid)

  • Eat vitamin C-rich foods:

    • sauerkraut

    • bell pepper

    • berries

    • raw lemons

  • Increase the amounts of vegetables in your diet (7 to 10 cups daily)

Cause #2: Poor digestion of the above vitamins

If you have gallbladder or liver issues, they can cause difficulties in digesting the above vitamins. If you consume enough vitamins from the above sources but the condition doesn’t resolve, it could be due to poor digestion and lack of bile.


  • Take purified bile salts

  • Take probiotics

  • Eat more fermented vegetables

  • Take apple cider vinegar (1 to 2 teaspoons stirred into about a cup of water)

  • Take betaine hydrochloride

Other causes:

  • Calcium deficiency

  • Bad absorption

  • Viral/bacterial infection

  • Gut damage

  • Antibiotics

  • Fatty liver

  • Gastric bypass

  • Diabetes

Last updated: Oct 10, 2023 01:59 AM