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Why do I have sticky tarry black stool and how do I remedy it?

Sticky tar-colored black stool is a symptom of consuming too much fat that your body can’t fully digest. It can occur when you have just started a ketogenic diet or it can happen by itself. There are simple remedies for it.


  • Sticky black tarry stool

  • Greasy stool

  • Fatty stool

  • Skid marks on the toilet

Cause #1: Unabsorbed fat

If you are consuming too much fat and your body is not used to it, this can cause the sticky tar-like stool. The solution would be to increase the amounts of bile produced by your body to handle and absorb these fats. Additionally, you can reduce the fat intake temporarily, while your body gets used to it.


  • Acidify your stomach by consuming these before your meals:

    • apple cider vinegar (1 to 2 teaspoons stirred into about a cup of water)

    • betaine hydrochloride

  • Consume purified bile salts

  • Lower the fats in your diet temporarily

Last updated: Apr 26, 2023 02:45 AM