Keto Diet Facts & Tips

Why do I need fat to stay in ketosis?

If your dietary fat is too low, you could have a rough time on the keto diet because you’ll be hungry all of the time. It’s the dietary fat in the meal that keeps you satisfied and allows you to fast longer. If you’re not so hungry it’s easier to get into ketosis.

Let’s say you’re on the ketogenic diet, but you no longer want to lose weight. In this situation, if you don’t consume enough fat, you’ll keep losing weight, because your body will keep burning its own fat. When you achieve your weight-loss goal and you don’t want to lose any more weight, you have to add more fat to your diet.

It’s important to consume the right types of fats to be sure you’re getting enough fat-soluble vitamins as well as essential fatty acids. If you’re not getting the right types of fats, you could become deficient.

You always need to look at the ratio of protein to fat. On the keto diet, you want to make sure you get enough fat with the protein you consume. You never want to do low-fat proteins on a ketogenic diet. Low-fat high-protein foods like soy protein isolates are terrible for the liver and kidneys.

It’s also important to note that fat is not what gets someone into ketosis. The lowering of carbs is what gets your body into ketosis.

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023 15:51 PM