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Why do I run out of breath while exercising, and why does it take so long for my heart rate to return to normal?

It takes a long time for my heart rate to return to normal. After a few sprints, uh, I'm in top shape and eat very healthy foods. So if your wind is a shortened and you, you takes you longer to recover. That's probably because your parasympathetic nervous system is weaker. That's the recovery system based on that archway heart rate variability tests that I talk about.

There's a couple of things that you should do to build up the tolerance just from a exercise point of view. You want to do shorter workouts and you want to get your pulse rate up like sprints, and then you want to rest a longer period of time, because when you stop working out after you raise your pulse rate, then now we can allow the pulse rate to come down and exercise that parasympathetic recovery phase versus doing this long sustained workout, which is not good for someone with low parasympathetic recovery.The other thing is like co-enzyme Q10 is a great one to increase endurance.

Getting your body into a deeper state of ketosis is another way to improve your endurance. Fasting is another way to improve your endurance. Vitamin E2 is another way.

Vitamin K2 is another thing that's good for your endurance. But you know, again it would be nice to test you on that machine that we have to see what's going on, but those are some tips that I would recommend.

Last updated: Mar 18, 2024 16:47 PM