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Why do triglycerides elevate on keto?

Your fat is a storage place for triglycerides. When you do keto and enter a state of ketosis, the triglycerides are mobilized, and they come out of the fat cell. They’re there to be used as energy.  I believe fasting 12-14 hours before you get your triglycerides tested is very important. This way, the test isn’t affected by what you just ate or drank that may have temporarily caused your triglycerides to be higher. Consuming alcohol or carbs two days before the test can also cause your triglycerides to be temporarily high. 

A few potential causes of high triglycerides: 

• A hypothyroid condition 

• A problem with the gallbladder 

• The transitional phase of keto 

• Hidden carbohydrates 

• Hidden fats 

Why Would Triglycerides Elevate on Keto? -

Last updated: Feb 13, 2024 17:44 PM