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Why does my urine smells like burnt popcorn?

A strong urine odor that’s similar to burnt popcorn could mean that you’re making a lot of ketones. You’re not making too many to put you in ketoacidosis. But, you’re making a high amount, which is also concentrated. 

This typically happens after a person has been fasting for 16-20 hours. You may especially have smelly urine when you first wake up in the morning because your urine is more concentrated. 

If your urine smells like popcorn, this is not necessarily a bad thing. It could just mean that you’re in some pretty hard-core ketosis. It means that what you’re doing is working. You can even test your urine or blood to really see this. 

What you can do:

1. Adjust your protein (you may be consuming too much protein) 

2. Adjust your fluids (consume more fluids)

Last updated: Aug 14, 2023 14:36 PM