Intermittent Fasting

Why drinking water makes you weak when fasting?

This is basically due to a deficiency in sodium. A person will feel very weak if they don’t consume enough salt. I recommend sea salt.  When you’re fasting, you’re typically not consuming anything except for water. The more water you drink, the more you dilute minerals, including salt and sodium.

Drinking an excessive amount of water while fasting can be bad. You always want to consume sea salt while fasting. Our bodies need 3.5-5g of sodium a day. That’s roughly 1.5-2 tsp. of sea salt a day. 

Causes of a sodium deficiency:

• Not consuming enough sea salt 

• A low-carb diet 

• Consuming large amounts of potassium 

• Stress 

• Sweat 

• Certain medications (diuretics and antidepressants)

• Liver or kidney problems 

• Diarrhea 

• Vomiting 

Last updated: Feb 05, 2023 19:21 PM