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Why has my urination frequency decreased?

I need more data to evaluate that. For example, are you having the right amount of salt? Are you having the right amount of potassium? Are there electrolytes? Is there other issues with carbs? These are all these questions that I would want to know, but I would also at the same time kind of make sure you're on the right eating plan too because your elimination of certain fluids and hydration is not just about drinking water. It's about the combination of the salts and the electrolytes and also what you eat, especially if you tend to eat carbs, you tend to retain fluid, and eventually you'll end up urinating through the night.

But if you're on a keto, you tend to get rid of a lot of extra fluid, but you may also get rid of electrolytes that hydrate you.

Last updated: Mar 04, 2024 16:01 PM