Weight Loss

Why having a weight loss goal is a bad idea?

Your weight loss goal is setting you up for failure. I’ll explain by giving you several concepts, so you may want to take notes. 

First, the difference between muscle and fat. One pound of fat takes up more space than one pound of muscle. Overweight people have less muscle than fat. A keto and intermittent fasting program will solve your stubborn weight and metabolism issue. When you start the program, you’ll lose fat and increase muscle because you’ll trigger certain muscle-building hormones as you train your body to use fat for fuel. You’ll also lose water weight. When you use up the stored sugar in your body, you’ll release the significant amount of water that’s attached to the glycogen. 

Most people who go on any weight loss program lose water weight for the first one to two weeks. But that weight loss isn’t consistent. Plus, when you start Keto and intermittent fasting you may or may not lose overall weight while you gain muscle. If you only focus on losing fat and not gaining muscle, you end up thinner but flabby and weak. You also may or may not lose inches. Most of the time you will, but you may plateau because you’re gaining muscle. Losing weight isn’t linear. It isn’t consistent when you’re gaining muscle along with losing fat. But this is what you want to develop a strong, healthy body. You don’t want your muscles to atrophy, although many people’s muscles do, especially women going through menopause. 

Plus, the more muscle you have, the better your metabolism. Muscle burns more calories. You want to make sure the calories being burned are from fat, not sugar. Lower your carb intake, and your body will burn fat. Hormonally, the difference between men and women comes down to two different hormones. Men have more testosterone. Women have more estrogen, which creates the fat layer around the female body. This is why men lose weight faster. They’re not dealing with the amount of estrogen that causes their body to create a fat layer. You see why I recommend not making weight loss your main goal. You’ll most likely just get frustrated and discouraged. Instead, have several goals: inches lost, weight loss, health improvement, and a strength goal. Weight loss isn’t the only measure of your success.

Last updated: Jan 22, 2024 17:36 PM