Different Foods Questions and Facts

Why is farm-raised salmon gray and need the synthetic coloring?

Here's what happens to the salmon and trout. Well, mainly salmon eat krill and shrimp. And then those krill and shrimp have microalgae. They'll eat that. And that has the pigment. So these pigments are created from the algae and this pigment is transferred. But of course, guess what? The farm raised salmon, they don't eat the krill. They eat soy, corn, animal products, a lot of other issues. So they don't have the natural pigment source. So they have to pay. The companies that make the farm fish have farm raised fish to have to pay to color it using a certain pigment that's made from petroleum chemicals and synthetic derivatives. And unfortunately it's expensive, too. It's like 20% of the fish's diet is the expense comes from the coloring agent, which is not the same as a natural thing. So there's a lot of issues with that.

Last updated: Mar 18, 2024 16:04 PM