Blood Sugar Support Advanced Formula

Why is my blood sugar levels high even though I don't consume sugar?

In this situation, the sugar is actually coming from your liver and kidneys. There is something called gluconeogenesis, which is the formation of new sugar. Your body always needs a very small amount of sugar, but your body can make this sugar out of non-carbohydrate sources. It can make it out of fat, protein, and even ketones. Insulin controls this process. It’s supposed to turn off gluconeogenesis. 

When you have high blood sugar, but you’re not consuming any sugar, this could mean that you have very low amounts of insulin in your body. Your insulin may actually be too low. Insulin resistance is a condition that can cause you to not have enough insulin. 

With insulin resistance, you have high levels of insulin, but that insulin is not working in the body, and it’s not shutting down gluconeogenesis. It may be best to focus on improving insulin resistance. 

Last updated: Feb 02, 2023 02:16 AM