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Why is my face itchy?

Puritis. That's the medical term for itchiness but it could be a couple different things. If you have a problem with bile, bile ducts backing up into the blood and in the skin that can cause itchy. You might just need something called TUDCA to get rid of that problem, and that usually will help you.

There's also other types of itching too. With some type of imbalance in microbial life on your skin. If you overly cleanse or sterilize your skin with all sorts of detergents and soaps and other things that destroy the microbiome of your skin. You just got to be careful about over-cleaning your skin. Be very gentle. Don't put a lot of stuff on it because it just throws off the microbiome and then you end up with rashes or itchiness or all sorts of skin issues.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 15:01 PM