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Why is my kid overweight?

Consuming too many carbohydrates might be number two, but the number one reason is snacking. 

The problem with snacking is that you have various hormones that are secreted in your stomach and small intestine that will stimulate insulin after you eat. Snacking in-between the meals could keep insulin high. Insulin actually prevents the loss of fat, as well as causes the storage of fat. 

The most common snacks kids are fed:

1. Flavored yogurt—3.5oz has about 13g of sugar

2. Popcorn—very high on the glycemic index

3. Applesauce—very high on the glycemic index

4. Energy bar—a granola bar could have 19g of net carbs 

5. Juice—very high on the glycemic index

6. Crackers and peanut butter—can be very high on the glycemic index

7. Apples—on average contain around 19g of sugar 

What you could do:

• Don’t keep any snacks that are high in carbohydrates in the house.

• Make a transition to no snacking using healthier snacks first. 

• Ideally, don’t give the child any snacks. Give them 3 nutrient-dense meals, with enough calories and healthy fats. 

Last updated: Jun 13, 2024 15:12 PM