Keto Diet Facts & Tips

Why is my metabolism slow?

There are multiple potential causes. Here are some:

  • Aging – growth hormone levels go lower with age. Fasting and exercise (especially (HIIT) increase growth hormones.

  • Menopause – can cause high cortisol, which alters metabolism. Support your adrenal glands in order to fight high cortisol.

  • Pregnancy – causes high estrogen. Avoid dairy, flaxseed, soy and other estrogenic foods.

  • Dieting – the longer you’ve been on a low-calorie diet, the worse your metabolism will be. A Healthy Keto® diet and intermittent fasting are the best remedies.

  • High-carb diets – cause insulin resistance.

  • Chronic stress – increases blood glucose levels, leading to poor metabolism.

  • Hypothyroidism – often an immune system problem rooted in the gut that affects metabolism.

  • Fatty liver – the liver helps regulate hormones that control your metabolism, such as growth hormone, insulin, cortisol and estrogen. Choline, fasting and a Healthy Keto diet can help a fatty liver.

  • Obesity – the more fat you have, the more estrogen you make. In turn, this can cause more issues with your metabolism.

  • Snacking – every time you eat, you spike your insulin levels, which affects your metabolism.

  • Alcohol – contains carbohydrates and also blocks your ability to tap into fat burning. Alcohol can turn off fat burning for up to 48 hours.

  • Early childhood infection – can slow down a child’s metabolism.

  • Medications – certain ones can slow down your metabolism.

Last updated: Apr 01, 2023 12:16 PM