Stress & Recovery Analyzer

Why is my Stress and Recovery Analyzer software different than what is in the training videos?

The Stress and Recovery Analyzer software Dr. Berg uses for your Stress and Recovery Analyzer device was modified from software called the Body Health Analyzer created by Binacor, the device manufacturer.  Binacor created custom software for Dr. Berg based on Dr. Berg's desire to simplify and more accurately label the sections of a test.  Two versions of software for the Stress and Recovery Analyzer device exist, only one of which was meant for Dr. Berg's customers.  

Unfortunately, your welcome email gave you a link to the Body Health Analyzer software. Your account and all the information tied to it are being transferred to Dr. Berg's software.

Until the transfer is complete, please continue to use the BHA software. Please do not download the SRA software at this point. Once the information transfer is complete, your account and tests will be transferred and aligned with Dr. Berg's Stress and Recovery Analyzer software.

This transfer should happen very soon. Once it is, we will provide you with a link to Dr. Berg's software. We sincerely apologize for any confusion this may have created.

Last updated: Jan 09, 2024 20:13 PM