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Why is my urine brown?

What's going on sounds like you need a deeper test to figure out what's going on. I will be doing a video on this.

There's a completely brand new field of evaluation that I'm very interested in. I'm studying it right now hardcore and it's called metabolomics, and it's a it's a study of metabolites It's like the end product of a lot of the proteins in the body you're looking at biomarkers that give you clues on the biochemistry of your body so if you were to get a test metabolomic tests, you're checking maybe the urine or your blood, and instead of just looking at the usual stuff you're looking at a lot more data involved in the biochemist. Biochemical pathways, there's motion involved in these pathways and it's just a matter of understanding these end products in this pathway to see what's blocked or see what's moving too much or whatever or what's toxic and then from there you can really figure out what's going on. Unfortunately medicine is the opposite of that, they just basically treat, they diagnose and treat diagnose, and treat. We didn't find anything here's these medications close person around me 14 different drugs and very young. They can't figure it out so they keep giving more drugs I'm like wow talk about not not understanding the biochemistry and really figuring out why in the first place. The diet is not important let's just kind of ignore that completely.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2024 14:06 PM