Intermittent Fasting

Will fasting help with chronic pain?

The influence of fasting on chronic pain is huge. Doing a prolonged fast, or doing intermittent fasting on a regular basis may help you achieve these benefits. 

1. You’re going to generate ketones  Ketones are an alternative fuel source that has antioxidant properties. Ketones also have anti-pain properties, and they protect neurons. 

2. It releases and helps recycle serotonin Serotonin is involved in a person’s mood. It can help reduce neuropathic pain and reduce fibromyalgia. Low amounts of serotonin can cause pain.

3. It stimulates neurogenesis  Neurogenesis is the regrowing of nerve cells. If you have nerve damage that’s causing pain, and you have more ability to grow that nerve, then your pain could go away faster. 

4. It releases endorphins  This will not only help increase your mood, but it could also help decrease your pain. 

5. Neurotransmitter receptors 

6. It increases BDNF  This is almost like miracle grow for the brain. It could help the brain grow back much better if there’s damage. 

**Frequent eating or overeating could create a lot of oxidation in the vascular system that feeds the nerves. 

Last updated: Jan 29, 2024 15:22 PM